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July 16, 2021

Exploit PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-1675)

In this tutorial we will see how to use the PrintNightmare exploit to escalate our privileges. PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-1675) exploit came out in 2021 and is a critical remote code execution and local privilege escalation vulnerability. This includes installing programs, modifying data and creating new accounts with full administration rights over our computer. There are PoCs (Proof of Concepts) written for this vulnerability in C++ and Python. However, for this tutorial, we will use a PowerShell PoC to exploit this vulnerability.

For this demonstration, we will see how to escalate our privileges by running the PrintNightmare exploit as a standard user. We can see that I have logged into the target machine as the "chase" user. Note that "chase" does not have administrative privileges on this box.

Logging into the target box with evil-winrm.

This is the GitHub page containing the PowerShell exploit which we will have to clone.

PrintNightmare GitHub page.

A quick introduction to this PowerShell exploit.

Quick introduction to the PrintNightmare exploit.

Some usage examples.

PrintNightmare exploit usage examples.

Let's clone the exploit from GitHub.

Cloning the PowerShell PrintNightmare exploit.

Now that the exploit is in our current working directory, we can upload it to the target.

Uploading the PrintNightmare PowerShell exploit.

First, we import the PowerShell exploit. And then after importing it we use the Invoke-Nightmare function to create a new user called "awesomeuser".

Importing the PrintNightmare PowerShell exploit.

Running the "net user awesomeuser" command shows us that awesomeuser is part of the Administrators group.

Running the 'net user awesomeuser' command.

Now we can login to the target box with our newly created user who also happens have to administrative privileges.

Login to the box with evil-winrm.

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