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May 26, 2022

Reset Password Using PowerView PowerShell Script

In this tutorial, we will see how to reset a user's password using the PowerView.ps1 PowerShell script. After downloading this script, we will have to first import it and then use the "Set-DomainUserPassword" function to reset the password.

Let's download the "PowerView.ps1" script from GitHub.

Downloading PowerView.ps1 script from GitHub.

This is the function that will reset the user's password.

Set-DomainUserPassword function from PowerView.ps1.

Let's copy the PowerShell script to the target using scp.

Copying the PowerView.ps1 script to the target using PowerView.ps1 script.

We can see that it has been copied successfully.

PowerView.ps1 PowerShell script copied successfully.

It shows a list of all the users on the system.

List all the users on the system with 'net users' command.

The first command imports the PowerView.ps1 script. The second command creates a secure password string. And the third command resets the user's password.

Resetting the user's password with Set-DomainUserPassword.

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