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April 26, 2022

Ricoh Printer Driver Privilege Escalation

In this tutorial, we will see how to escalate our privileges from a standard user to SYSTEM level privileges. The target has Ricoh printer driver installed on the system which has a privilege escalation vulnerability. For this exploit to work, it is important to have standard user access on the system.

Let's generate a 64-bit meterpreter executable using msfvenom.

Generating a 64-bit meterpreter executable.

This shows the generated executable which we intend to upload and execute on the target.

64-bit meterpreter payload.

It uploads the executable to the target.

Uploading the executable to the target.

The file has been successfully upload.

File upload successful.

Let's create a metasploit listener with the payload we have generated and the IP address and port on which we are listening.

Creating a metasploit listener.

Run the meterpreter executable.

Running the meterpreter executable.

We get a reverse shell on the metasploit listener. We can see that the target is running 64-bit Windows 10. And the current user is "tony".

Reverse connection established in metasploit.

ps lists all the processes on the system. For this exploit to work, we need to migrate to the "explorer.exe" process.

List of all the processes in metasploit. List of all the processes in metasploit.

It migrates to the "explorer.exe" process.

Migrating to the explorer.exe process.

background puts the current session in the background. use exploit/windows/local/ricoh_driver_privesc sets the "ricoh_driver_privesc" to be used on the target. Note that the meterpreter session was using session number 1. We use set SESSION 1 becauase we want this exploit to be used in the session that we had put in the background earlier.

Running the exploit.

After running the exploit, another meterpreter session is opened (meterpreter session 2). Now we have "NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM" access on the system.

Privilege escalation successful.

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