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May 10, 2022

MariaDB/MySQL Exploit Version 10.3.25 (CVE-2021-27928)

In this tutorial, we will see how to exploit MariaDB/MySQL 10.3.25 to get root level access. We login to the MySQL instance as a standard user and run a .so file that we generate using msfvenom. The .so file is a shared object file which is kind of Linux's version of a DLL.

It is the Exploit-DB page for this exploit.

Exploit-DB page for the exploit.

Logging into MariaDB shows that it is running version 10.3.25.

Logging into MariaDB or MySQL.

msfvenom generates a shared-object file with an extension of .so.

Generating a shared object file using msfvenom.

Let's download the shared-object file from the local box.

Download the shared-object file using wget.

The file is retrieved from the Python web server.

File downloaded from the Python web server.

Running SET GLOBAL wsrep_provider="/dev/shm/exploit.so"; triggers the exploit.

Running the exploit from MariaDB or MySQL.

We get a reverse shell as the root user. Note that it is important to have the netcat listener running before triggering the exploit.

Receiving a reverse shell on the netcat listener.

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